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Rbk Meada Limited Edition

Reebok has announced their latest exclusive custom designed sneaker. The shoe’s exclusive design was developed by world-renowned artist, graphic designer, computer scientist and MITprofessor John Maeda. Maeda’s sneaker design aims to humanize technology as he brings together the contrasting worlds of art and science in a meaningful way.

Maeda, trained as a computer scientist, designed the limited edition sneaker using images inspired by mathematical algorithms and programming codes to create his first shoe — the Reebok Timetanium. The handwritten mathematical codes themselves are also printed on the lining of the shoe.

Only 100 pairs of the Reebok Timetanium have been produced, and will be available for purchase starting today through the Reebok Custom page for only $150. Once on the site you can also catch a glimpse of the behind the scenes video as well. Unfortunately, the shoes only come in men’s sizes and start at 6.5 so this is probably only good for the ladies who wear an 8 or up. Sorry! They’re going fast so cop ’em quick!

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