M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Found Around The House

Some of my favorite travel products are things found right in my own home, common everyday products that have multiple uses. And multitaskers are great for anyone who spends any time on the road! Here are some of my go-to’s and their uses.BAKING SODA – Yep. The plain old Arm & Hammer stuff. I always have a small jar with me in my carry on. What’s it good for? An alternative toothpaste – Wet your brush, dip in baking soda, polish away stains. makes your mouth feel amazingly clean, a hard thing to come by on the road. An alternative deodorant – Left your favorite de-funkifier at home? Pat on a little baking soda. It doesn’t stop sweat but it does work for stopping odors. An alternative facial scrub – It’s gentle, lightly exfoliating, and leaves skin squeaky clean. Just make sure to rinse really well and use a good moisturizer afterwards. A shoe de-funker – If you walk a lot when you travel, you know your shoes can smell awfully funky in the mornings. Before bed, sprinkle a little baking soda in your shoes to keep them clean-smelling. A hair de-gooper – Hair feeling a little grungy? Pour a little baking soda in your hands as you’re shampooing and work it through well. L et it sit on your hair for about 5 minutes. Rinse well and condition well. Your hair will feel “clarified” and clean.More tips after the jump!USED DRYER SHEETS – Grab a few out of the laundry room, pop them into a ziplock bag, and throw it in your carry on. If you ever get white marks on your clothes from deodorant or antiperspirant, just use one of the dryer sheets to rub across the white marks. Gone in seconds! Plus, just toss them in the carry on loose with your dirty clothes on the trip home and when you open up your bag, you won’t have that icky musty smell to deal with. Leave a few in your carry on bag if you store it away for awhile, too, to keep it smelling fresh.SALT – Forget your toothpaste or your exfoliant? Keep a few packets of plain old salt tucked away in your carry on and you’ll have it in a pinch for brushing teeth, or exfoliating skin.SUGAR – Another great exfoliant! Most hotel rooms will have a few packets near the coffee maker. I use sugar once a week as an exfoliant regardless of whether I’m traveling or at home.STARBUCKS NAPKINS – Grab a few extra to keep in your purse. I’m not sure why, but they work better than anything else I’ve tried for blotting oily skin during the day. Even better than skin blotting sheets made specifically for oily skin!CLEAN OLD SOCKS – Perfect for slipping over your shoes before you pack them. Keeps any dirt or grit on the shoes from getting all over your other clothes, and keeps delicate leathers from getting scuffed in your bag by other items. Plus, keep one very clean old cotton sock tucked away in a ziplock bag in your carry on for use as a facecloth. Just turn it inside out (so the terrycloth side is on the outside), slip in over your hand like a mitten, and buff your skin to a beautiful glow with your favorite cleanser.PRETTY MECHANICAL PENCILS – I pick up cheap kids’ mechanical pencils at the dollar store and use them as “hair chopsticks” all the time. Just twist your hair up in back, and secure it with a pretty mechanical pencil. Your hair’s out of the way, and you’re never at a loss for something to write with.Happy Travels!

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