Miracles Do Happen


Every true sneaker-head has had this dream at one point in time:

You know, the one where Phil Knight calls you and asks if you would be interested in creating a shoe for Nike because of your superior knowledge on sneaker colorways and complimentary materials that will make the shoe an instant classic, and well, FIYYAA!! (Yes, I did have to capitilize like so).

Well, somebody just saw this very dream come into fruition!

According to WWD: Chris Bryant, a 22-year old bus boy from Akron, Ohio, “is taking his unusual talent of jumping over cars, hurdle-style, straight into a Nike commercial.?

After being featured as a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,? where he showed off his jumping ability, the host was so impressed that she personally called Nike chief executive officer Mark Parker to tell him about Bryant’s unique talent.

Consequently, Nike now plans to fly Bryant out to California to shoot a commercial for the brand’s legendary Just Do It campaign and he has been tapped to design his own signature shoe. “I’ve never heard of anything like this before at Nike,? said the spokesman. “He’s been inspirational to a lot of people.?

Can you say jealous much?


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