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Boosted Mobile Tin Can Speakers Vol. 1: MINT & SERF & MAINFRAME

Boosted is a lifestyle brand passionate about and influenced by art, music and popular culture. They have recently released a limited edition of Boosted Tin Can Speakers. Vol. 1 is by MINT & SERF x MAINFRAME and is available at Monkey King (Los Angeles), Rotofugi (Chicago), Yoyamart (New York), Cardboard Spaceship (Santa Cruz), Plastic Chapel (Denver) and Urban Outfitters Online and have a suggested price of $99.99.With only 400 available, the Boosted Tin Can Speaker Set Vol. 1 draws inspiration from the simplest form of communication – two tin cans and a string. The first in a series, the Boosted Tin Can Speaker Set Vol. 1 MINT & SERF x MAINFRAME are fully functional speakers compatible with all types of music devices (such as iPODs, MP3 players, computers, video game consoles and more).The Boosted Tin Can Speaker Set Vol. 1 pits renowned street artists MINT & SERF representing the East Coast against MAINFRAME representing the West Coast. Mikhail Sokovikov, born in Moscow, and Jason Wall, originally from Brooklyn, combined their passion for street art to create 1134NYC. Within five years they became internationally known as MINT (Mikhail) and SERF (Jason) a.k.a MIRF. Dean Bradley (a.k.a. MAINFRAME) is a Southern California-based artist and graphic designer. The MAINFRAME character represents the struggle between nature and technology.Image & Info: Boosted

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