Bionic Bunny


No, you weren’t that hungover at Thanksgiving.There was actually a silver Dunny drifting above the masses at the Macy’s Day Parade courtesy of American artist, Jeff Koons. The float is actually just a larger version of Koon’s piece, “Rabbit.?However, as New York times columnist Roberta Smith notes, not too many people in the crowd were interested in the work of art:“First of all, there was its metallic monochrome color, whereas most of its inflatable fellow travelers were medleys of bright colors and signature details. The truck-size version of Shrek, for example, just ahead of the Koons, had green skin, brown-and-red plaid pants and a goofy grin.And while shrieks of “Shrek!? greeted the homely giant, the “Rabbit? offered little to grab hold of, in terms of brand-name recognition. It had a shimmering astronaut-suit blankness that made it relatively abstract, a “thing in itself,? as the Minimalists liked to say, that was there just for the looking.?Silly artist, parades are for Snoopy and the Rockettes.Source 

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