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“Atame” – New Miss Van Show in Paris

Miss Van just opened a new gallery show this past weekend in Paris called Atame at the Galerie Magda Danysz. Her work features her lovely ladies interacting in nature with the likes of foxes, owls, birds and other furry friends. There has always been something a bit dark about her characters – they know they’re taunting you with their long eyelashes and sultry pouts. Her latest works reveal something a bit darker, long hair overgrown and covering the eyes and almost encasing the body. It’s wonderful to see how an artist’s work matures and progresses and no matter what I see from Miss Van, I always love it. If you’re in Paris, this is a must see and the show runs through December 29th. If you won’t be in Paris, you can view the pieces online here and buy some prints here.Galerie Magda Danysz78, rue Amelot – Paris XITel. / fax : +33(0)1 45 83 38 51Images: Galerie Magda DanyszCheck out more pics after the jump . . . .

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