5 Questions With Simone of Hiqee


Simple and sexy is what Hiqee does best, and that’s just fine by me! Their Fall collection will hit stores later this month, and we couldn’t be anymore excited! Don’t sleep on them people, Hiqee is definitely one to watch.

1. It’s Hiqee, and not Haiku. How did you guys come up with such a
original name?

Well Hiqee is a representation of fun and youth. So it was only
natural to associate a word such as Hickey with the line. just the
mention of hickey should take you back to the good ol’ days when you
knew you’d get in trouble if your parents ever caught you with one on
the neck.lol. remember all the different advice your friends would
give to get rid of it quicker. like the cold spoon or combing it out
with a comb.lol.

2. Soulja Boy’s Crank That or Jason Fox’s Aunt Jackie
Soulja boy’s crank all the way baby! gives you the chance to look cute
when you do that little side to side thing.

Click here, for the rest of the interview.

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