When Kate Met Johnny


Johnny Depp must have really poured it on thick while he was with Kate Moss because she still keeps little momentos from their three year relationship under her bed!

The Daily Mail reports that our favorite rehabbed Supermodel will be wearing a replica of the vintage dress that she wore the night she met and fell in love with Johnny Depp(Aw, tear).

The new dress was designed after Swarovski approached Topshop and the model in June to come up with an idea for fashion’s charity gala, which takes place every two years.

The new version is almost identical, except that it has been embroidered with an astonishing 60,000 Swarovski precision-cut crystal glass pieces for the Fashion Rocks event on Thursday.

Immediately after the Royal Albert Hall extravaganza, the dress will be displayed and auctioned at the Central London flagship store of Topshop, for whom Kate is a designer.There will also be 500 limited edition copies on sale for £250.


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