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The Streets is Talking…Mama On-line SALE!!!

Ok, so spending money ranks pretty high on my list of favorite things BUT getting a bargin, discount, a little off the top, hooked up, whatever you wanna call it, is ever better!!! Only cause it means you can buy more stuff!!!!! So buy even more of the Mama stuff you love during their on-line sale!! Buy a back-up or two of one of our favorites, complete your collection (being the devoted Mama collector you are), the holidays are coming and everyone on your list would be much happier with a little Mama in their life, buy one for your bestfriend foreva, buy one for your sister’s – babies – daddies – bestfriend’s – cousin’s – aunties – son’s – girlfriend, heck buy one fo’ yo Mama (did you see that coming?). Have I made myself clear? Ok…them why are you still here….get to shopping, we’ll still be here but the sale won’t…ends Oct. 22nd. OHW!!! And get a little something for your boo or your brother or Dad, One Hit Wonder is on sale too! NOW GO!

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