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Up until now, our favorite monks have been the little boy in Golden Child who Eddie Murphy tries to save from the clutches of the demon Sardo Numspa and the ones who live across the street from us and greet us with warm smiles everyday while we drive by in our car with Soulja Boy blasting from the speakers(We repent every Sunday).

However, how could you not be a little obsessed with a monk who broke his vow of silence to design cool T-shirts?

The legend goes something like this: DAS MONK was born in a monastery just outside the rural town of Strudelberg, Germany, in 1982. From a very early age, DAS realised he was different from all the other little monks. While everyone else was out cheerfully milking the cows and attending to the hens, DAS would lie out in the hay, dreamily drawing monsters and dinosaurs. And while they were all on their knees praying, DAS was yearning for a place where people didn’t wear sacks for robes, but the finest cotton in the land, tapered perfectly in a style that was comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Then one day at supper time, as he sifted through his watery peas, DAS could take it no more. He flung down his bowl and screamed “I WANT TO MAKE T-SHIRTS”

Now, could “Das Monk” really be a twenty-something named Albert who makes really cool shirts and made all of this up so we wouldn’t be too pissed while converting our hard earned dollar to the Euro because we’re helping a monk who has fallen victim to the same disease that makes us where opened tone pumps in the winter? Probably, but it’s Monday, the designs are sick, and we don’t discuss Brit Brit or that other hoe, so if you’re interested check out their site for more details,

Image via SneakerFreaker 

via ChicandUntroubled

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