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Soul Sides Boxset 1: Aretha Franklin

Today, my favorite audio blog on the planet, Soul-Sides.com, proudly introduced the first volume of the Soul Sides Boxset, a partnership with Uber.com.

The first volume features, the one and only “Queen of Soul”, Ms. Aretha Franklin!

If you’re a music fiend, like myself, you’ll want to bookmark this amazing feature. What makes this tribute site stand above the rest? You’re getting in-depth insight and commentary (and so much more!) by one of the music industry’s most respected music writers—Oliver Wang. He shows the “Queen of Soul” the proper R.E.S.P.E.C.T. she deserves!

More about the Soul Sides Boxsets:

The Soul Sides Boxsets on Uber.com are a creation of Soul-Sides.com. Expanding on Soul Sides’ mission to educate people on the many forms of “soul” that have influenced popular music, the Boxsets are in-depth profiles on selected artsits, genres, labels, styles, etc. With the support of Uber members, Soul Sides hopes to turn the Boxsets into a regular feature here at Uber.

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