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Shredding Betty
If you like the snow and you like to snowboard, today is your lucky day because just launched. Created by female snowboarders, Kim Goldstein and Jan Kodadek, offers performance equipment and apparel, including snowboards, bindings, jackets, pants, and goggles created specifically for female riders.

The ladies have done their homework and they’ve created a technical resource deciphering how specific product technologies impact a rider’s performance. In addition, riders have the opportunity to post product-specific feedback on the site, allowing customers to share knowledge and gain a better understanding of a particular product. “We focus on offering the best products on the market, while remaining on top of the latest trends,” says Kim Goldstein, co-founder of “We are committed to transforming the landscape of the sport, by providing cutting-edge gear, created specifically for women that will support and enhance their riding regardless of skill level.” also organizes and sponsors events across the United States that foster the expansion, unity and interaction of the female snowboarder community. “By highlighting women as an important and viable market to snowboarding companies, we continue to reinforce the on-going investment in and development of women’s product lines, events and competitions,” adds Jan Kodadek, co-founder of

Not only are they looking out for the ladies, they also committed to social and environmental responsibility. is powered by 100% green-certified renewable energy, using 8,775 kilowatts from Renewable Choice Energy.

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