Sang A Handbags


Ladies, remember this name because she makes some of the yummiest exotic handbags that I have ever seen! Sang A, a singer/actress turned designer, is making tons of waves with some of the most fabulous celebrities and fashion editors(hints the shoutout!), and we can definitely see why.

Her website is complete eye candy. It features the most amazing lizard, ostrich, python, and crocodile skins in practically every color under the sun. Well, the fierce colors that is! My favorite pieces are the river tote and all of the clutches. I love the geometric hardware on the river tote and the sleek modernity of the clutches.

Aren’t you glad Christmas is almost here? If you’re interested in treating yourself a little bit earlier this year, the Sang A handbag collection can be found at Neiman Marcus or you contact a sales rep at



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