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Perrier X Paul & Joe Limited Series

Over the last few years water, yes I mean H2O, has become another fashion accessory. From Voss to Vitiamin Water, the water brand you drink has become a reflection of one’s personal style to a certain extent.

Thanks to sparkling mineral water brand Perrier you can take the water drinking game up a notch.
Following the very succesful summer release of their limited series with Spanish fashion label Custo Barcelona, Perrierwill be releasing their second collaboration with fashion label Paul & Joe. The limited edition series will be available beginning in October during Paris Fashion Week until January 2008.

Unforuntately, from what I’ve found these super cute cans will only be available in Europe
: ( However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that “upscale” specialty stores such as Whole Foods won’t let US consumers down and have them in store!

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