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The M.I.S.S. Crew is excited to announce the newest edition to our team M.I.S.S Dana Harrison-Tidwell! Dana is the Publisher and Editor of the women’s travel blog, Diva In A Carry On, a project which sprang organically from a glossy mag article she was writing about putting together the perfect travel makeup kit that would conform to strict TSA “liquids on flights” guidelines. Finding high-quality, small and practical products was time-consuming and frustrating, so she started her blog in order to gather in one place articles for women who prefer not to check luggage. Dana started taking weekend road trips on her own at the age of 18, and has been an avid traveler (usually solo) ever since. She has published several articles on the subjects of travel and/or beauty in print and online magazines, thoroughly digs fashion voyeurism (though she rarely follows seasonal trends), has a serious accessory addiction, and does not advocate the use of small pets or children as travel accessories. She’ll be posting every Friday with travel tips for you. Should you have any questions for her, please send them to This week’s topic – TSA Tips!!

Traveling without checking luggage has become increasingly difficult. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has developed restrictions for carrying liquids onto airplanes, and they are indeed restrictive. Everything liquid, semi-liquid or gel you want to keep with you has to fit comfortably in a single clear quart-sized zip-lock bag which can be produced quickly at security checkpoints and examined by security agents. That’s a pretty small area when you consider how many liquids most women use in their daily skin care, hair care, and makeup routines. Your best bet? Find travel-sized versions of your favorite products, and really evaluate well what you NEED to take with you. Chances are you can probably pare liquids back to virtually nothing.

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Think about it. Any decent hotel you stay at will have soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion replenished every single day you’re staying there which means you don’t have to take these things with you. Switch from a liquid to a powder foundations. Hang on to all those sample sizes of makeup you get at makeup counters since they take up less space. Find small palettes in neutral colors that you like. Use powdered eye shadows and a wet liner brush instead of eyeliner pencils. And ladies, please, come to terms with your natural hair texture. If you make peace with your hair, you don’t fight with it. If you don’t fight with it, you don’t have to carry 12 products with you everywhere you go. All anyone really needs is a tiny bottle of smoothing cream or serum. That’s it. Most hotel rooms have hair dryers as well so just invest in a good ceramic brush.

Bottom line – in order to travel well in just a carry-on bag, you’ll need to let go of some of the high-maintenance ways you’ve developed over the years. But believe me when I tell you it is entirely worth it when you realize that you may never have to risk lost luggage or a long wait at the luggage carousel again. Here are some guidelines to help you out with your new packing style.

What the TSA says you can pack in your quart-sized ziplock bag:
(remember that all liquids/semi-liquids/gels containers must be 3 oz. or smaller, regardless of how much is actually in the container):
aerosol spray bottles and cans (includes hairspray and deodorant)
liquid or gel or aerosol bug repellents
ointments, creams or lotions
bubble bath or bath oil
deodorants made of gel or aerosol (this includes “solids”)
hair styling products, detanglers or straighteners in gel or liquid form
eye drops
lip balms, lipsticks or lip glosses of any type (for a three day trip, you never need more than one gloss, ladies)
any foundations other than powdered
any perfumes or fragrances (including “solids”)
liquid or gel sanitizers
liquid or gel soaps
liquid or gel mascaras
eyeliners or lip-liners – cream, gel or pencil (there’s some grey area here but if there’s doubt, put it in the clear ziplock bag to pull out quickly for security to examine)
makeup removers or facial cleansers
nail polishes and removers
any liquid or gel over-the-counter medications
personal lubricants
shampoos and conditioners
saline solutions or contact lens cleaners

Here are a few things that you might not have known you could keep in your carry on bag:
cigar cutters
cuticle cutters
eyeglass repair tools (I always keep these in my purse or carry-on)
eyelash curlers
knitting or crochet needles
nail clippers
nail files
safety razors
blunt-tipped safety scissors
pointed-tipped scissors less than 4 inches in length
non-realistic toy weapons
toy transformer robots (who knew?!)

For the official listing of what can and cannot go through airport carry on security here.

Images: TSA

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