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Hannah Stouffer & Studio 3579

hannah stouffer
I just learned about Hannah Stouffer today and the moment I saw her work I was mesmerized. Though I learned Hannah’s name today, I realized that I had seen her work in magazine ads but didn’t know the artist behind the scenes. Her art is whimsical and dreamy and as you look at her work you get lost in the intricate lines and curves. The diversity and scope of Hannah’s work is also really impressive. From pillows, to t-shirts to paper, Hannah Stouffer gives us a glimpse into her world through different canvases. The artist, along with 2 designer friends, recently opened up a boutique in San Francisco called Studio 3579. This Thursday night the 3 ladies are hosting an Autumn Party at the shop from 6 to 9. And if that were not awesome enough, for the month of October, Studio 3579 is going to donate 10% of sales of all things pink to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Studio 3579
3579 17th Street (between Dolores and Guerrero)
San Francisco, CA 94110

Images: Hannah Stouffer / Grand Array
Info via: Upper Playground

More pics of Hannah Stouffer’s work after the jump . . .

hannah stouffer
hannah stouffer
hannah stouffer

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