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Frankie B. x Maya Hayuk Jeans Benefiting Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization

Before a million brands entered the denim market, there was only 1 truly sexy fitting jean – Frankie B. Their innovative cuts and sexy fits made the jeans “must-haves? for all ladies including dozens of celebrities. The brand has continued to grow and flourish into a full lifestyle collection that is available in department stores and high-end specialty boutiques across the country.

frankie b x maya hayuk

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Frankie B. has teamed up with artist Maya Hayuk to produce a pair of jeans with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. Daniella Clarke, the founder and owner of Frankie B., has worked with Y-ME in the past and she was excited to do so again: “I fell in love with the charity and what they do for those touched by breast cancer today,? said Clarke. “I thought it would be an interesting idea to collaborate with a female artist and I was immediately drawn to Maya’s work to bring the important message that no one faces breast cancer alone because of Y-ME.?


To call Maya Hayuk an “artist? is putting it lightly. Among other things, Maya is a “muralist, photographer, printmaker, designer, curator, player of records, writer, performer, collector, Barnstormer, painter, illustrator, videographer, [and] documentarian.? With projects ranging from record covers to Barnstorming, Maya is a very busy lady. In fact, when I called Maya to ask her about the Frankie B. / Y-ME Project she was literally covered in paint and stepped off the ladder to chat with me.

When I asked Maya what really drew her to the project with Frankie B. for Y-Me she expressed that it was the idea that she could use her art and talents to raise funds for a good cause. In fact, Maya has done other work to raise funds for Breast Cancer including 3 Busts for Keep-A-Breast.Org. When I asked her if this was a coincidence, she shared that her mom had dealt with breast cancer. However, she was very quick to say: “That’s not to say that one cause is more important than another.? She expressed that there were many causes that she would love to support and that she enjoyed using her art to help people.

frankie b x maya hayuk

The limited-edition jeans that Maya Hayuk and Frankie B. created are a true collaboration. Maya had total creative freedom with regard to embellishing the jeans and Frankie B. used their expertise to choose the wash of the denim, as well as other accents. The style Maya chose was the Super Bell which features a higher waist and a wider leg because “that was more my style.? The wash Daniella from Frankie B. chose was the Mojave – a color that really brings out the character of the Super Bell silhouette. Maya designed the art on the back pockets featuring a totem-pole design on one side and a rainbow on the other. I asked Maya about the significance of the design and she said:

I was thinking about the earliest forms of design and architecture: the pyramid. This design is inspired by the geometric forms that were being made all over the world at the same time in textiles, ceramics, tattoos, totem poles, etc. I don’t have an explanation for this phenomenon of being connected globally without being aware of one another, but I’d like to think it’s because we were (and hopefully still are) all part of the same consciousness at a very cosmic part of our history.

frankie b x maya hayuk

When I asked Maya how it was different designing art for jeans as compared to designing art on a wall she said that she considered “the way the viewer participates with the wall, canvas or jeans? and that she tried to think of ways “to make an ass look more ass-ilicious.?

The jeans are available now for $196 with $40 of the purchase price going to Y-ME. Only 500 of these were made so don’t sleep! You can purchase them online.

To learn more about Y-ME please visit

To learn more about Maya Hayuk, check out her site, her new book “Just Good Vibes,? available on the Upper Playground site soon, and her work at a Group Show, “We’re Rollin’, They’re Hatin’? at the Riviera Gallery.

Special Thanks to Maya Hayuk for taking the time to chat with the MISS CREW and to Frankie B for making it happen!

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