Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice…


In the words of the distinguished comedian Chris Rock, “Another kid? Another kid? I thought it was groundhog’s day when I heard that s#!t.?

Which is exactly how I felt yesterday when I heard about the break-in at Sonia Rykiel’s Brook Street boutique.

This is neither the first, second, third nor fourth time this month that a high-end store has been robbed in London for their expensive booty.

According to Rykiel’s Brook Street store manager:

“At half past midnight, our store was robbed and merchandise stolen, although I can’t reveal the value of goods stolen as a police inquiry has been made. We are pretty certain it was a gang who escaped on scooters.?

Yes, she did say scooters, which takes the situation to a whole other level of pathetic.

It is worth noting that of all major retailers hit in London, Burberry’s head-quraters still remain skid mark free. Hmm, could we have a good fashion conspiracy on our hands?


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