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Fashion Unfolding

I came across the book, Fashion Unfolding, via and although I have yet to thumb through an actual copy, the description below and images that follow are enough to get me to put this on my wish list. Read on…

Fashion Unfolding is a book that showcases the intersection of design, illustration, and DIY Fashion. With over 500 full color images depicting excellent examples of the fresh, edgy designs from some of the world’s most exciting emerging talents. Fashion Unfolding is an indispensable source of inspiration for those who seek to invent the fashions of tomorrow and influence contemporary aesthetic. Character driven art, screen printing techniques and pixelated forms are bleeding into the fashion mainstream in the form of innovative knitted garments, stunning t-shirts, printed fabrics, colorful shoes, hand made accessories, and ever more compelling marketing collateral and packaging. Fashion Unfolding documents this movement, featuring only the most radical, current and innovative designers and fashion houses, including Deanne Cheuk Design, Plazm Media, Kustaa Saksi (Unit CMA), and HMKM– each helps to reveal the underlying power of graphics in fashion design, and how these aesthetics affect our fashion sense and influence our purchases.

See images from the book after the jump!

You can see more images and buy the book at

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