Designer Spotlight: CTRL


In the current issue of MissBehave magazine, they have a great feature on the designer of the up and coming Finish streetwear label, CTRL. Although he admits he started the skate-inspired line in 1995 to “bag� more chicks, Tomi Freeman originally just made T-shirts, hoodies, and boards for his fellow blokes. It wasn’t until 2003 did the CTRL team decide to go co-ed, and we couldn’t be more happy for it. In case you haven’t been cramming for a geography test lately, at Finland’s northernmost point, the sun does not set for 73 consecutive days during summer, and does not rise at all for 51 days during winter. Translation, CTRL probably knows a thing or two about well made outerwear, so consider your monies well spent! We’re loving all of the patterns and bright colors infused into this line, and we’ve already ordered this sick purple hoodie. Don’t forget, Fall is all about the purple reign! If you want to check out the rest of the pieces from CTRL’s Fall line, check out their site

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