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“Creature Comforts” by Dora Drimalas at Fifty24 SF Tonight

Dora Drimalas
San Francisco-based artist Dora Drimalas is debuting a new series of paintings and illustrations, aptly entitled “Creature Comforts,” at the Fifty24 SF Gallery tonight. If you are familiar with Upper Playground then you’ve definitely seen her work in the form of t-shirts and New Era caps. Tonight, you can check out the basis of those projects – her artwork. Here’s how Fifty24 SF describes her work:

Her simple and iconic work disguises the stories hidden underneath, from simple relationship-based iconography to layered worlds of cute critters, there is always more involved than simply meets the eye. While the majority of her work may be rendered in black and white, the meanings and stories woven into it rarely are.

Get an early sneak peak of some pieces in the show after the jump. And don’t fret, if you’re not in San Francisco you can purchase and view pieces online here.

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