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Cast of Characters by Gina Basso

We love to see the ladies doing what they love! And it’s very apparent that Gina Basso L-O-V-E-S what she does with her line of costume jewelry, Cast of Characters. Gina hunts and gathers all the components for each of her pieces thus creating the perfect piece for your character. Here’s how she describes her process:

I scavenge urban wastelands looking for discarded gems, making archaeological discoveries that link us to our bejewelled predecessors. Like Dr. Frankenstein, I re-assemble each piece from Contemporary & Vintage Fragments and other relics exhumed from graves and snatched from the necks of consumerism’s living dead.

We had a chance to catch up with Gina this weekend at the NISA sale and flick some picks of her latest creations…

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