Are You Sick Of Stam Yet?


WWD reports that Jessica Stam (Once again) has been tapped to appear in the Christian Dior campaign, according to an industry source. However, this time she’ll be joined by a habitually open-mouthed Coco Rocha, plus Women’s lovely up-and-coming talent, Kasia Struss.

Apparently, the trio will be shooting the spring campaign with Craig McDean in Paris on Friday, but a Dior spokesman has declined to comment on the matter (Isn’t that so annoying?).

Really, I have nothing aganist Ms. Stam, but I’m so sick of seeing this little girl along with her extra-fried blond hair and icy stares in every fashion glossy I pick-up. Kuddos to her agency for keeping her relevant after all of these years, and she does have really impressive editorial work, so we fully understand why she is always booked, but bitch please fall back!

I’m surprised IMG hasn’t sent her on “vacation? like Gemma and Daria, but she needs to disappear for awhile along with the bag that bares her namesake. I adored the Stam when it was first released by Marc Jacobs, but now all it does is scream Fall 2006 and well, we’re over it too!

So we ask: Do you still covet Stam?


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