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Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory by Bond No. 9


Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory marks the start of Bond No. 9’s series of Warhol collectibles. Depicted on the bottle’s surface is a graphic image inspired by one of the pop artist’s most recognizable images—a boldly re-colored rendition of the Campbell’s Soup Can. Soup? Perfume? Both smell sweet to us. But an Andy Warhol perfume? Well, Warhol once made mention of a company that was “interested in buying *his* aura.? Here it is, in liquid form…

  • Citrussy BERGAMOT in soft and gentle mode (as if it had a hangover)
  • Impudently zesty GRAPEFRUIT
  • Mood-altering LAVENDER
  • Non-shrinking VIOLET (Andy Warhol’s favorite scent)
  • Intoxicating INCENSE summoning up the ‘60’s with a single sniff
  • Criminally sultry JASMINE
  • Elusive, metallic IRIS, smelling the way silver might smell
  • Velvety-soft AMBER – a tranquilizer in fragrance form
  • Syrupy WOOD RESIN, hinting of a raunchy breed of vanilla
  • Cool but sensual CEDARWOOD

Like all the scents-in-progress that Bond No. 9 is designing for their Warhol repertory, this one is of ambiguous male-female gender. Available starting December 1st…a new direction in the art of perfumery and perfume bottle design. I’m a fan of Andy Warhol and like I said before I collect unique/pretty perfume bottles – this one is very very nice!

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