5 Questions With Dina Selkoe


Yes, 5 + 1 =6, but we just had to know a little bit more about owner/buyer Dina Selkoe of Karmaloop.

And that sick leather jacket and tee she is wearing are from MadeMe’s Fall collection. They too can be found at Karmaloop!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Let’s see….. I was born in Russia (so I’m probably genetically inclined to be crazy). I have 4 pets- two cats and two dogs (Jasper, Flippy, Vivian and Mr. Serge). I like politics (double nay to Baby Bush Duvalier! Yay to Obama!), international affairs and history, tennis and traveling, collecting books and bags, and consuming wine and music (who doesn’t like the last two?), and I am about to start taking Krav Maga classes (so watch out boys of Karmaloop, you’re about to get your asses served).

2. How did you become a buyer?

I came into the company in a more general, managerial/creative type position- doing editorial stuff and the Lookbook, planning parties, opening the store in Boston, doing some legal stuff, etc., we had a buyer who did both men’s and women’s and it just made sense to separate the two, so I started doing the women’s buying about a year ago.

Click here, for the rest of the interview.

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