5 Questions w/ Laura&Ashley of DimePiece


This month at ChicandUntroubled.com we’re kicking off our “5 questions with ___? interview series. Throughout the next few months, we will be getting intimate with some of the hottest designers, brands, industry insiders, models, musicians, and maybe even a blogger or two. Every Wednesday we will post a new interview! Well, the first comes from the lovely ladies behind the new women’s line, DimePiece.

According to the brand’s site, “A DimePiece™ is a woman who appeals to her audience with genuine swag. She is a self-governing revolutionary who embodies all that is sexy.? With a motto like that, is a introduction really necessary?

1. Pre-rehab, Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing the Trust No Bitch graphic tee by DimePiece. If you could spit a few words of wisdom to her when she gets out, what bitch would you most want la lohan to say away from?

Hm. Well right now there seems that whole Hollywood starlet scene is a tragic mess…to say the least. I’d say they should all just stay away from eachother…they all seem to be in need of some inner work and self-reflection time. All the best though, really. I think they’re all good women with good intentions. Hollywood is an enticing trap…hope they find their way out.

For the rest of the interview, click here.

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