Christian Louboutin “Ballet” Shoes


Ouch! I want to go run a bath for my feet just looking at them. Kinky, no?


There’s no doubt that Christian Louboutin’s shoes make for a sexier strut. On October 2, we’ll see the designer’s work in an even saucier light when David Lynch’s Fetish exhibition opens at Paris’ Galerie du Passage. In homage to his favorite director, Louboutin has created some particularly unique pieces. “You can’t walk or run in these shoes,? Louboutin told “They’re only made for lying on your back.? Case in point: a pair of crotch-high boots made of flesh latex that has been slashed and embroidered with rubies that resemble droplets of blood. Only slightly less provocative are the black patent pumps with heels so high that they’re impossible to stand in. All this and the red soles that we know and love.

Only Mr. Louboutin could have brought this into fruition from some bizarre dream he must have had or was it a music video that inspired one of our favorite cobblers?

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