Soap & Glory For Target


Soap&Glory has created alot of buzz amongst some of the most popular beauty blogs lately. For example, the editors at have said:

Ever since [girlawhirl] tried Marcia Kilgore’s latest creation, Soap & Glory Cosmetics when they were introduced in England last summer, she’s been dying to have the fun, hard-working and well-priced bath, body and beauty items available to her here, instead of carrying back multiples or asking London Super Pals to bring them for her when they visit her in the states…?

Basically, you know how you stock up on wet n wild lip chaps and maybelline mascaras even though you have your unused fifty dollar lipsticks just collecting dust in your makeup bag? Well, this company agrees that some of the best beauty products are the least expensive and have decided to stay with a more affordable price point without sacrificing quality. Cool, huh? If you’re interested, Soap&Glory products will be hitting Target shelves anyday now!


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