Simply Vera by Vera Wang Now Available Online


The Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection is finally upon us. The whole line including apparel, accessories, and home wares can be bought in stores and on Kohl’s online site starting today.

The knit scarves and hats are super feminine, but functional enough to keep you warm and chic this winter. I’m loving all the belted coats and the jacquared bubble skirt is too cool to pass on, but I’m still not convinced enough to take the 15 minute drive to my local Kohls. Yes, the collection was nicely executed, and she didn’t pull that, “these clothes are about people all over the country who don’t have access to really well made, affordable clothing” bull$#!T like SJP did for Bitten, but it all looks like something I could find at the Gap or Old Navy. Whether that’s a good thing is neither here nor there, because this line wasn’t made for the typical Kohl’s customer. Just a business strategy to attract a new type of shopper(like the one who lives in New York) for the brand, kind of like what Target has done with their Go International Campaigns. Oh well, Vera get your money and I really didn’t think your Fall ad campaign was that bad.

via ChicandUntroubled

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