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Rendez-Vous #3 at Water Bar, Colette

French magazine Rendev-Vous is hosting 4 events every Wednesday night at Colette during the month of September. I happened to be in town for event # 3 of 4 and the theme was “Cinema.”

Full story and more pics after the jump!

In keeping with the theme we watched previews of two films: La Fôret de Mogari of Naomi Kawase & Sans Toi of d’Olivier Planchot (Haut et Court).

We heard a brief overview of both of the films.

Complimentary champagne and the latest issue of Rendev-Vous

You can purchase the box set which includes the first 10 issues of the magazine at Colette.

Photo Exhibit:
Emmanuelle Seigner by Henry Roy
Isabelle Huppert by Serge Leblon
Emmanuel Bourdieu by Philip Provily
Thierry Jousse by Xavier Cariou
Sophie Filières by Henry Roy
Clémence Poésy by Pierre Even

Illustrations by Sophie Toporkoff

The scene . . .

Catch Rendez-Vous at Water Bar #4 on Wednesday, September 26th from 6 pm – 9 pm (18-21 H) to catch the release of Rendez-Vous issue #10 with a photo exhibit featuring: Mark Borthwick, Ola Rindal, Bianca Pilet, Viviane Sassen, Philip Gay, Victor Bergen-Henegouwen, Chikashi Suzuki, and Yamandu Roos.

All photos by One Hit Wonder.

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