Hiqee Fall 2007 Preview


In the brand’s own words,”it is… not a pricey campaign or a recycled collection that makes Hiqee so distinctive; Our strong sense of identity and vivid approach to sports design helps Hiqee carve out a inch in what we like to call the “funk and sport? market. Translation, they’ll never try to push $90 cotton tees and fitted hats, because their designs are progressive enough to keep their customer coming back season after season, so they don’t have to rely on that exclusive/limited edition bull$#!t. All they know how to do is make stylish, affordable pieces, and that is definitely fine with me! OK, lets disect this amazing collection for Fall. The graphics on the shirts are probably some of the best I’ve seen thus far. The nu-rave leggings featuring some stars are pretty cute and when paired with a great neutral top at night, expect a compliment or two. I.want.this.letterman jacket! I’m so glad to see so many re-incarnations of this american sportswear classic for us sneaker conscious fashionistas and I’m completely lusting over this one by Hiqee. This would for certain be the must-have piece from Hiqee. Overall, I’m very impressed and I can’t wait to see what the brand has under their sleeve for winter!


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