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I love love hats but it’s always good to switch up from a fitted to something a bit more grown & sexy. Still Life, a hat company based in NYC, has just the answer for you. Their styles take you back to a different time – when hats, gloves belts and shoes matched – but have a modern twist that make them not only very wearable, but are the icing on any ensemble. Take a look at these hats and you’ll definitely feel like you need one in your life – I know I do!! You can check out their site and read a little bit of what they have to say for themselves after the jump.

Founded by Frenel Morris and Jesse Nicely, Still Life is a hat company, giving a person who has a desire to be incognito, more of a feeling of comfort; making an unfortunate haircut nothing to cry about. This ultra hip headwear brand will make you wish that clothing wasn’t a prerequisite, because your handcrafted fedora would say it all. The Still Life collection of headwear is handcrafted in New York City. Small quantities and limited runs of each style ensure keen attention to detail. Made for those in search of that perfect accessory, these gems are designed for versatility and functionality. Worn by both men and women, every piece is an extension of a unique creative vision.

When asked how Still Life was born Morris, creative director, replied, “One day I just decided to try to make a hat.? The simple answer sums up the creation of a company spawned by curiosity and a love for fashion. Influenced by New York City, good friends, family, inspiring music, money, desire and love, Morris names each hat accordingly. “The names of each hat comes from people or places that inspire me,? Morris said. “The very first hat I made, I called the ‘Prem’, named after my first boss in New York City. His name means love and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for my first ‘baby’.?

The Still Life flagship Store is located at 77 Orchard Street. Taking inspiration from a myriad of sources, each piece captures the essence of a classic form with a modern twist. Revamping the hat industry with fresh new styles, Still Life is the epitome of fashion and luxury. You can view the entire collection online at,

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