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VH1 Female Rapper Reality Show Casting Call!!

vh1 female rapper casting call
VH1 is now casting for a reality show called the Female Rapper Show – I’m guessing it’ll be similar to the White Rapper Show. Anyway, here’s the info – if you’ve got skills, show us what you got!!

Here’s the casting info:
Are you a FEMALE MC with a sick flow, crazy style, and a personality meant for TV? VH1 is casting for a competitive reality series about female rappers — MC’s can be from anywhere in the country and can have any style of rap — as long as they have skillz! Winner will earn substantial dollars, national exposure and, of course, respect in the hip-hop game. So, if you’re a talented femcee with a passion for hip-hop, who can battle with the best of them, send your name, age, e-mail address and website to rapper@vh1staff.com and tell us why you are perfect for this show!

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