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The Vegas Diaries…Day 4: United and The Fo Sho Fo Show.

The days go fast in Vegas! Made the rounds at United and The Fo Show Fo Show. Met some really inspiring ladies that are doing their thing! Hope they can inspire you too…

First stop, The Fo Show Fo Show. This show had it’s debut last February. It’s a show on a much smaller scale but what it lacks in size it makes up for in atmosphere and hand selected brands. Of course there is a lady behind making this happen. Ms. LinYee Yuan is the glue that holds it together, producing this and other events as well as holding down the PR and Marketing for Kilo Goods and Rocksmith Tokyo. We chatted it up for a bit and she described the show as “a curated brand showcase” and “the only independent show for brands by brands”, that the smaller scale “brings it’s own unique energy and feeling of community”…It’s really an environment where you feel you could hangout all day whether you are working with the brands or hanging in the lounge listening to the music or playing video games, it’s most certainly a laid back environment that gets the job done! My only concern…more ladies brands 😉

The United Tradeshow grows in size every year, which is good…growth is always good. I met some really talented ladies along the way…

Brenda Avender hails from Vancouver Canada and loves to powder coat everything metal! Fortunetly for us that means really fun and bright jewelry or really sleek and shiny copper and brass. She got her start year ago while working and rebuilding old bikes, she asked her powder coating guy if he could powder coat some smaller things she had, jewelry, etc. and it was on! The beauty of the powder coating is that the process creates a permanent bond between the metal and the paint which means the paint won’t chip if you bend the metal. This is key because you’ll want your BP Metal Craft jewels to be around for a long time…these ain’t no candy machine gems!

Let’s really talk passion! I saw this next gal the night before running around the United Block Party in day glo spandex (kind of hard to miss)…I was instantly intrequied and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Peggy Noland the next day at her booth at United. Fun thing are coming out of Kansas and that’s where she owns and opperates her signature collection. She went to school for religious studies and thought she would go into the Peace Corp. As it turned out the Peace Corp. didn’t accecpt her application (huh???) and she went on to her true calling…Spandex Mavin and Queen of all things bright and shiny! With sewing skills learned from her Mom, pattern making know-how aquired through community college and a 35 square foot store painted like a hamburger, Peggy is putting Kansas on the map.

The beaded and sequins baseball caps and visors are hand-made. I kid you not. She started by making them herself and now has an army or two, yes that’s two, older ladies in Kansas that do them by hand for her. You can find Brazilian party rockers CSS wearing her hand sequins wares.

More talent coming from Kansas is jewelry line Early Jewelry by Kylie Earlene Grater. Hand-made jewels made of laser etched wood and found vintage objects makes for beautiful and dainty designs.

Tanya Monique has been making jewelry for 10 years and enameling for 6 years. All those years she has been selling her enameled silver jewelry at craft fairs. Lucky for us she made it to the United tradeshow (her first) because her stuff is adorable and the people need to know this!

Meeting these next ladies was like meeting family or really, really close friends of the family they’re almost family kind of thing. The Sperber sisters, Amy and Heather are the awesomeness behind 31 Corn Lane. We love 31 Corn Lane and you should too.

And a couple of last things to share…New tees from SPRFKR

And some crazy old school phones that you can plug into your cell phone by Yubz

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