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The Vegas Diaries…Day 3: Pool.

Stopped by the Pool tradeshow yesterday. Peeped the Sneaker Pimps installation and met with some amazing ladies (and gentlemen) that are holding it down on the fashion front. Here are some brands to keep an eye on…

Let’s talk about young, motivated and inspired. Ms. Erika Walton is the owner and designer behind jewelry line Alter Ego. At the young age of 20 years old she has been drilling through the heads of your favorite childhood toys and stringing them together to create instant fun in jewelry formation. I had to ask (before I knew how old she was) if she had ever been, or currently is a Raver. She replied no and continued to explain that she just recently found out what Raves where and has never done any drugs in her life. She went on to say that she used to do lots of babysitting and was inspired by the kids she used to watch and all there toys. For myself, coming from the mid 90’s Rave scene, seeing her jewelry was like a trip (and not the drug induced kind) down memory lane and put a smile on my face to see such “kidult” like wares being excepted into the mainstream…well at least more mainstream than 12 years ago!

For the vintage lover in all of us you must get to know Hullabaloo!!! I had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Donna almost 10 years ago at the Magic show. At the time Hullabaloo specialized in all things vintage deadstock (old but new and unworn/used), clothing, posters, etc. Recently Donna sold the company to longtime employees and sisters Brigette and Laura. They are fazing out the clothing part of the business but still going stronger than ever with accessories! If you desire original bamboo earrings from the 80’s or want to replace those plastic charm necklace/bracelets you had as a kid, Hullabaloo is for you! Lucky for us they wholesale and retail and have made it super easy for shopping on their web-site!

Up next is a lady that I have know for years. It’s always so great to see people climb the ladder and watch them grow. I Heart Guts is the brainchild of illustrator and all around funny lady Wendy Bryan. It makes me happy to know that the entire world can share in the laughter of her witty humor and fall in love with they’re insides as illustrated by Wendy. The world most certainly needs to lighten up and what better way then with a stuffed brain in your hand and laughter in your heart.

Ok, so this introduction made me really happy. Months back we reported on Manimal, a line of hand crafted moccasins, jewelry and organic denim products. Kristin is the lovely lady that puts all her love into each piece. It was her first time showing her wares in the tradeshow world and she said so far so good! Move over Minnetonka, there’s a force to be reckoned with and she’s coming at ya one stitch at a time!

Kristin models one of her chest plate necklaces…so good!!!!

So they aren’t ladies but they do us ladies right, that’s not a doubt. I was introduced to Pete and Joel of Outlaw Print Co. at the February Pool show and fell in love with their tees instantly! The new collection is just as mind blowing as the first (they are on that, “wow, that comes out of your head?!?!” design tip) and the hand drawn quality makes things even better. They told me that my vintage Vans I was rocking in Feb inspired the sneakers on the “She Rider”…they didn’t come out exactly the same they said but I was reassured my sneaks where def the inspiration…sounds good to me!

And some new kids on the block…Purlieu is the dream realized of Wynnie Crews and Sky Ferren. In developement for the past year, this was there introduction to the tradeshow world. Again those bright colors get me every time and I am a huge can of techno-meets-organic-mother-earth type of designs. Love the mix of neons with Native American inspired graphics…beautifully done. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

And cause the people love the sneakers, here are some flicks from the Sneaker Pimps installation.

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