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The “Femcees” are taking over…WGSN Reports!

A few weeks ago WGSN reported on all the ladies taking over the rap game these days! WGSN or Worth Global Style Network is an on-line research, trend analysis and news service for the fashion and style industry. It is a subscription service but our very own M.I.S.S. Josie Stingray (who is one of the ladies WGSN reported on) sent us the article and we want to share part of it with you! Some ladies included in the write-up are Roxy Cottontail, M.I.A., Amanda Blank…the list goes on and includes ladies from the U.S. and over-seas! Ladies, keep your heads up and go for your dreams…keep doin’ the thang!

all images: WGSN

all images: WGSN

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