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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Tip of the Week – LL Good Shave…How to.

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There is nothing more enticing than the feel of silky smooth shaven skin. A clean close shave feels so good to the touch. This is because in addition to the hair removal, you’re simultaneously removing a thin layer of skin as well, which essentially is the best kind of non-chemical exfoliating you can do for your skin. It’s a feeling you can only get from shaving, as waxing removes the hair by the roots, which doesn’t leave the skin nearly as smooth, though it’s always a good idea to wax, but that’s another blog…..I’m very much an undercover classic girl, and in many instances believe the old fashioned way is the best way to do things. So this week’s tip is how to get the perfect shave, a slight variation on the old fashioned way.

What you need to buy: Oil (Rosemary Infused Olive Oil, see tip from 3/18/07 blog) or comparable oil like Jojoba or even Baby Oil.

Glycerin soap or comparable high lather soap.

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Shaving brush (like how the barber does it – $6.99 Walgreens to $310 Acqua Di Parma at Saks Fifth Avenue shown here) or other ways to lather, see below.

Instructions: Prior to shaving, apply enough oil to leave a lubricating film on the area being shaved. This provides lubrication for the razor. Next, take bar soap, glycerin recommended, but any bar soap will do, and your shaving brush and create a thick lather over the layer of oil (you can do this with your hands or a shower pouf if you don’t have a shaving brush, but the shaving brush will make the best lather). Continue to shave as you would normally. Opposite of hair growth for legs and bikini line, both directions for everywhere else. Follow with a moisturizer for women, (D.I.Y. Rosemary Infused Oilve Oil Recipe) aftershave for men.

I prefer this shaving method since it is natural and non-chemical, and eliminates the need to purchase shaving cream, which as you can see isn’t the basis for a great shave, and whose packaging containers are harmful to the environment anyway. It’s paying my respects to the shaving rituals of times past with the convenience of using today’s modern razor versus the straight razor of previous generations. So if you’re feeling nice, shave your man this way….If you’re feeling brave, let your man shave you.

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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