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Art HERstory: The Archives

Hey Ladies! Today marks my 10th Art HERstory post (and I’m also mad busy!) so I decided to post the archives for new M.I.S.S. Crew readers. Below you’ll find 9 stories about inspiring ladies who have contributed so much to the art community and beyond yet have been over-looked by Art HIStory books. Enjoy!

Augusta Fells Savage: Sculptor
Barbara Kruger: Graphic Designer/Conceptual Artist
Paula Scher: Graphic Designer
Lillian Bassman: Photographer/Art Director for Junior Bazaar
Hannah Höch: Dada Artist/Originator of the Photomontage
Guerrilla Girls: Group of Feminist Artists
Dalia “Dale? Messick: First Woman Syndicated Comic Strip Artist in the U.S.
Jessie Marion King: Painter/Illustrator
Rose O’Neill: Illustrator/Writer/Creator of the Kewpie Doll

“Be culturally literate, because if you don’t have any understanding of the world you live in and the culture you live in, you’re not going to express anything to anybody else.? —Paula Scher

Meet me back here next week for fresh Art HERstory goodness!

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