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Oldies but Goodies: Spanish Espadrilles!

As soon as summer starts creeping up on me I start making my checklist of my summertime wardrobe essentials and without a doubt, espadrilles are always on my list! One of the reasons I love espadrilles so much is because of their history. Espadrilles originate from Spain and have been around since the 14th century where they were first made in Catalonia.

Over the years, espadrilles have been making a huge comeback with designers like Chloe giving the espadrille a modern makeover. Not being able to afford the “to die for” Chloe wedge, I have am always on the look out for unique and fashionable espadrilles. In my search I came across, a website that sells a huge variety of Spanish espadrilles from flats to wedges, from basic to trendy, and in all colors and fabrics.

All of their espadrilles are made in the sun filled valleys and seaside towns throughout France and Spain by the very best espadrille makers whose style and production expertise have been handed down from generation to generation over centuries. A pair of these on your feet and some nice weather, you might just feel like your strolling Las Ramblas :) ( all the peeps at Bread and Butter..I am so jealous!)

There is seriously a style for everyone and the site is very shopper friendly! Peep some of my favs after the jump…

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