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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Pick of the Week – Get Your Bang for Your Buck at Sephora

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I’m very loyal bordering on co-dependent when it comes to my make-up color selections, so there are times when I force myself to think outside of the box by buying a myriad of colors inside a box; or what we all know as make-up palettes.

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DESCRIPTION: Now every cosmetic brand out there has one, if not a few, but my favorite of late is the Sephora Brand Summer Blockbuster Palette (a limited edition) that contains: 24 eyeshadows, 24 lip colors, three bronzers, one shimmer highlighting powder, and corresponding brushes all for only $36. Now the pigments in this palette are not particularly strong like you would find in a MAC product. They tend to be more on the sheer side, which is ideal for creating the perfect summer face; just a hint of color for day, dressing it up at night with brighter and darker sheer shades to create intensity.

WHY I LIKE IT: Since this palette holds so many color options, it is on the larger side; measuring 7 inches long, by 5 inches wide, by 7/8 inch in height, so it’s not the kind of palette you would want to take to the office on a daily basis (too heavy), but is the perfect travel companion due to its size and make-up color options (consolidates make-up compacts), and has a handy built in mirror as well.

Faves within are a sheer plum eyeshadow, (right side, second column, 4th down; great for a summer smokey eye, and a sheer true red lipstick (left side third column, 4th down), a very modern take on the classic. All the neutrals are extremely practical and can be used alone, or in combination with the other colors. I’ve been using the gold eyeshadow (left side, top of second column) as a highlighter (makes the eyes appear larger) by dabbing a bit in the innercorners of each eye. The bronzers and shimmer highlighter can be used together in the current fashion of bronzer on bottom, highlighter on top as in the way Benefit sells its 10 (see picks from July 8th).

What I like most about this make-up palette is its value. $36 for 52 units of quality make-up is incredible. That averages .69 per unit, and you can’t beat that.

Price: $36 for 52 Make-up Color Choices
Accessibility: Fair (Sephora store, Sephora.com)
Value: Great!

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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