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Devi Kroell for Target Available Now!

Devi Kroell for Target Clutch – Goldtone $29.99

Thanks to nitro:licious reader LUCY for the tip, you can order the Devi Kroell for Target handbags online now! I thought I had to wait till July 15th to get a hold of these, but who knew Target was sneaky and put up the links up early. I ordered a few pieces to see how they look/feel in real since I’m not too close to a Target store, and plus it might not be in stores yet…even though they said they are.

A benefit of ordering online is that you get FREE SHIPPING when you order $50 and on top of that you get 10% OFF your order when you enter code, TGTSTM58, use it soon the offer ends July 10th!

> Shop the Devi Kroell for Target collection – Search “Devi Kroell?!

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