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Carhartt – Le Tour D’Amour

carhartt tour de lamour

This one’s for our European readers . . . so sad we can’t get this stuff in the U.S.!

From the end of July the Le Tour D´Amour Hooded Zip Jackets will be available at all Carhartt stores and dealers across Europe.

These special jackets are the result of a unique road trip. Autumn 2006: Carhartt brings together four artists in the name of love to paint four Carhartt shops and one showroom in 10 days. Meaning 7000km throughout Europe in the shortest of time: Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal and back. The extraordinary of the tour: Except the French couple Koralie and Supakitch, the artists did not know each other and meet for the first time to paint the Showroom in Düsseldorf/ Germany. Brendan Monroe (USA), Wayne Horse (Netherlands), Koralie and Supakitch join their talents – and very quickly it is clear, that what belongs together grows together fast. The results are five mind-blowing art pieces and a collection of six amazing Carhartt Hooded Zip Jackets.

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