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mixedUse SF Presents: Night Owl Thursdays!

For all you vintage lovin’ vixens out there, here is something that should make you happy!! Being a lover of the vintage and a hardcore shopper at heart, I sometimes get so frustrated that stores close so early!!! Granted if you are in the city that never sleeps aka NY, there is always somewhere you can go to that will satisfy that shopping fix. Well, mixedUse has answered our call!!! This cute vintage clothing and furniture shop located in the North Beach area of San Francisco is staying open until 9pm every Thursday through August!! If you map your Thursday out right you can hit Thrifttown in the Mission, which closes at 8pm and then jet over to mixedUse…you could really have an amazing and totally satisfying 8++ hour day of secondhand shopping!! Tonight they kick off their “Night Owl Shopping”, so today can be your practice run!! Enjoy!

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