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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Tip of the Week: Summer’s Secret Sauce Recipe #1 – D.I.Y. Bronzing Shimmer Oil a.k.a. How to Fake a Tan Hella Fast

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This week’s tip is how to make a Bronzing Shimmer Oil using last week’s pick, Manoi de Tahiti oil, similar to Body Glow by Nars, also featured in last week’s pick, and with the same concept as Benefit’s Jiffy Tan ($24/6.7 oz.), but costing a fraction of the price.

Now I like this Bronzing Shimmer Oil in particular because it does a great job of helping me fake a really nice, even and natural looking tan, about 2-3 shades darker than my own skin, and the results are instant. It’s great for anytime you don’t have the time or patience or lighting for self-tanner. The inclusion of shimmer powder in this recipe will give your skin it a very rich and radiant glow, and the scent of the Manoi de Tahiti oil is always an instant indication of summer to me. And since the Bronzing Shimmer oil is oil based, it provides sheer coverage, and is easily spread onto and absorbed into the skin, delivering very even and consistent looking color throughout its application. Rub through hair for subtle golden glitter highlights, or dab a small amount on your t-zone (forehead, length of nose, chin) for a sun kissed complexion.

How to Instructions to follow….

What you need to buy:

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Dark Foundation (Inexpensive brand like Black Radiance $4.99 – Walmart, Walgreens)
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Manoi de Tahiti Oil – (Ladidaspa.com $6)

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Shimmer Powder – (Inexpensive brand like wet n wild $2.99 – Walgreens, Longs, Rite Aid)

Instructions: The right consistency requires a 4:2:1 ratio of the Manoi de Tahiti oil (4), to the shimmer powder (2), to the foundation (1). For instance, to mix enough for one application to the body: Mix 2 Teaspoons Monoi de Haiti oil with 1 Teaspoon shimmer powder and ½ Teaspoon foundation in a sealable container and stir. Test a small patch on your body to check the color and shimmer levels, and add more ingredients if needed. The result should be a deep bronze creamy oil with golden flecks and a sensual tropical scent. It will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth, looking naturally and luminously bronzed as well.

*Variations on Secret Sauce Recipe #1: If you don’t care for the Monoi de Tahiti oil’s summery coconut scent, you can substitute Jojoba oil, Olive oil (see rosemary infused recipe), or even baby oil or lotion to get the same effect. For a more casual, office friendly look, don’t include the shimmer powder in the recipe.

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!!

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