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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Pick of the Week: Get Your Tropic of Cancer On – Summer’s Secret Sauce: Monoi de Tahiti Oil

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I’m a person who likes the idea of alternate universes, alternate states of consciousness; alternate products, and this week’s pick, Monoi de Tahiti Oil, incorporates all of the three. Monoi de Tahiti oil is basically coconut oil infused with the Tahitian gardenia, which delivers a fragrance so quintessentially summer; the best way to describe it is like “the beach in a bottle?.

Now Nars has two products containing Monoi de Tahiti oil as its fragrance base, Nars Body Glow, a bronzing shimmer oil, and a very beautifully packaged Monoi de Tahiti oil product called Monoi Body Glow II, both retailing for $59 for 3.9 oz. bottles.

However, my personal pick is from LaDidaspa.com, whose packaging is not at all aesthetically pleasing, but whose price tag is. It costs $6.25 for 4 oz., and smells virtually the same as the Nars Monoi de Tahiti oil products, even to my discerning nose. Since Monoi de Tahiti oil is made from coconut oil, it is extremely moisturizing, and can be anywhere on the body. Dab a bit on the ends of your hair for added shine and fragrance, apply to pulse points for subtle all day fragrance. And FYI: Monoi de Tahiti oil solidifies in colder temperatures, so if this happens, run your bottle under hot water or roll it between your hands to have the heat return it to its liquid state.

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Price: $6.25 + shipping and handling for 4 oz.
Accessibility: Fair (Ladidaspa.com)
Value: Excellent!!!!

Enjoy and next week, I’ll show you how to use this week’s pick into a D.I.Y. tip.

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