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Enter the DarkHorse

It’s always exciting to hear about new brands on the block – especially when they’re bringing something new to the table. Enter . . Darkhorse. The collection includes pieces for men and women and well, I’ll just let them tell you . . .

(darkhorse): A person about whom little is known, esp. someone whose abilities and potential for success are concealed.

Whilst paying homage to the street, Darkhorse flirts with the higher-end boutique,
a juxtaposition of clean lines and simplicity, to far-out and avant-garde. The Darkhorse
aesthetic is drawn from a palette ranging from classic hiphop to political punk, and
presents pieces that are both low-key and loud in their statement. Cut and sew comes
first, as streetwear essentials are given an understated runway touch. We are a unisex
brand, with many styles translated for both men and women.

Darkhorse is the brainchild of brothers Andrew and Jaime Randle. Though this is to be our first year, designer Andrew has years of fashion experience under his belt. Jaime runs a very successful animation company, whose clients include Nike, Coke, Eminem and Ice T.

Any company that does a shirt with a Van Halen reference is cool by me. You can find Darkhorse at select stores including: Overkill (berlin), Cultist (LA), Goodfoot (canada-wide), Exclusive (Hawaii), Up Against The Wall (USA-wide), and D-Boxxx (Japan). And, if you want to keep tabs on the Darkhorse World check out their blog.

More pics after the jump . . .

Images: Cultist


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