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Win A Lady Luck Rules Ok! T-Shirt

We are all slushy for slogan tees right now! Wearing them with neon racer shorts, knee socks and 5 quid plimsolls is making us shiny happy people. So Lady Luck Rules Ok! made her very own freakin’ fluoro version for this month’s Super Super – it then made its way onto the pages of art school zine Marmalade and was announced as a Top 10 T of the moment by weekly fashion bible Grazia. Whoopla! However, there is only ONE in existence and now YOU have the chance to win it and wear it forever and ever and ever.

How do you enter? It’s simple! Post a comment under the latest entry on their blog telling us what kinda shizzle you’d wear the Lady Luck Rules OK tee with – and you can’t say neon racer shorts and knee socks. You’re the fun fashion stylist and you have until Midnight Monday 21st May to create the craziest outfit…the wackier the better…

Image & Info via Lady Luck Rules Ok!

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