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The Good The Bad & The Ugly NYC

When any true fashionista hears the name The Good The Bad & The Ugly the first thought that comes to mind is Judi Rosen and her signature high waisted jeans; not the spaghetti western movie starring Clint Eastwood! Judi Rosen has been at the forefront of the high waisted jean movement for years now designing for curvy women: “big boobs, big butts, little yes.” Thank you Judi!

I first became a fan when I bought my first pair of her high waisted skinny leg jeans at local SF vintage shop Ver Unica which lucky for us gals who don’t get over to NYC very often carries a selection of Judi’s stuff including her Miss Dater Socks and mesh gloves. So on my recent trip to New York I couldn’t wait to stop by her shop in the East Village and pick something up. I was like a kid in a candy store; all of Judi’s spring collection, vintage sunglasses and accessories. I couldn’t get enough!!

I heart Judi Rosen and I’m sure you will too!

More pics after the jump…

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