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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Tip of the Week: BEAUTY C.R.E.A.M. – How to Stretch your Beauty Dolla Dolla Bills – Part III: Pump it Up – How to be a Shower Gel Savior

Most of us have very hectic lifestyles, so the one thing that is my daily therapy, my own personal 20 minute sanctuary, is my shower time. When I’m in the shower, it’s one of the few moments in my life where I can relax and peacefully be alone with myself and my thoughts. It is a time I set aside everyday in which I pamper myself, and where I can be aware and appreciate and really celebrate the physical aspect of being a woman.

I find my time in the shower to be pretty self-indulgent. It’s very rare for me to use bar soap on my body, since shower gel is one of my guilty pleasures, and can be quite a decadent habit in view of the fact that there is an entire universe of shower gels out there varying in fragrance, consistency, color, concentration, price, formulation, etc., and as we find out in next week’s Top Shower Gel Picks. So this week, I’m going to show you how to make your money stretch in the shower by stretching your shower gel.

What to buy: Foaming cleanser product in a “pump? type of container like
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Bath and Bodyworks Antibacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, $5 each or 3 for $10 or

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Dawn Direct Foam Dishwashing Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap, $3.59

Instructions: When you are finished with the original product in the “pump? type of container, rinse it out thoroughly. Fill 1/5 of the container with your choice shower gel, then fill with water. Stir the shower gel/water combination with a chopstick or butter knife (tend to be narrow containers), screw on the top, then give it a final shake to combine the mixture. A full container of shower gel prepared this way will yield about two weeks worth of daily usage.

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!!

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