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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks of the Week – Preppin’ Skool for Covering Your Bases – My Favorite Beauty Base Products

When it comes to beauty, my philosophy is to envision oneself as a piece of art, and I mean literally. I like to think of my face, body, skin, hair and nails as a blank canvas with infinite possibilities, waiting to be enriched and embellished by a multitude of layered products working together in a harmonious ecosystem called: me. So the focus of this week’s beauty blog is my favorite beauty prep products that I would never dream of changing, that I love just the way they are.

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1. DHC Velvet Skin Coat

DESCRIPTION: A very lightweight cream that fills in and patches dermal flaws. Just like when you prep holes in a wall with spackle for a new coat of paint, this product will noticeably lessen the appearance of your pores, and is great for filling in fine lines and acne scars too. It seems non-comdogenic – or non pore clogging, in my opinion, and a little goes a long way, since you only need to use an amount equivalent to the size of a petite pea or a small bead.

WHY I LIKE IT: This product is simply amazing. Skin feels smoother, make-up glides right over it, and somehow it brightens your entire complexion making your pores virtually disappear, and invisible pores equals a step closer to perfect skin in my eyes.
Price: $20 for .52 oz. – Sometimes goes on sale
Accessibility: Fair (DHC website – dhc.com or phone order – 1-800-342- 2273)
Value: Great! *You get 4 free samples of your choice each time you order, there is a “loyalty? discount for future orders, and you get a discount if you refer someone , and they decide to purchase. Shoot me an e-mail at MissCrewMichelle@gmail.com if you want me to refer you for a catalog.

More Beauty Picks to follow…

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2. Make up Forever Corrective Make Up Base # 5 (Blue)

DESCRIPTION: This product is great for anyone who feels their complexion may be tad bit sallow. It’s in a cream foundation form, which is actually very lightweight and sheer, yet it gives enough pigmented coverage to help visually boost any sallow complexion.

WHY I LIKE IT: I was born jaundiced, so I believe this is why I am a naturally sallow girl. I don’t enjoy having the sick and washed out look, so I fake a healthy complexion by leveling out the yellow tones in my skin by using a blue base. When I’m made up, I’m told my complexion looks very “healthy?, which makes me very happy cause I know the product has succeeded, and I’m the only one, (beside y’all now), knowing it’s the #5 at work, and not my genetic make-up. Sike your mind is right with this one! And I do love me a good fake!!!

Price: $24 for 1 oz.
Accessibility: Good (Sephora, Sephora.com, Nordstrom)
Value: Fair

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3. OPI Designer Series Base & Top Coats

DESCRIPTION: Diamond dust is touted as the key ingredient that makes these two OPI nail polishes so effective. Whatever the case, all I know is that these two products work really super well together. OPI is not cheap, but what I find in nail polishes is that its quality, durability, and level of pigmentation directly correlate to its price point. With nail polish, you really get what you pay for.

WHY I LIKE IT: The base coat dries extremely fast, and really adheres the color to the nailbed, and helps prevent nail yellowing from dark polish. The top coat protects and prolongs my manicures and pedicures, which in the long run means more time for me in between these beauty routines. I figure buying one of these nail polishes is like buying a drink and a half at a bar, except with its use my manicures last a week longer, which is much more rewarding, and actually a better value than the buzz I get from a drink and half. So be it.

Price: $12.50 ea. For .5 oz.
Accessibility: Fair (Your local beauty supply store, Amazon.com, Ebay.com)
Value: Good

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!!

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